Seasons came and changed the time….


The bright orange

The countdown has started. The green is surrendering to the yellow and my husband is preparing for his India trip. The fall season is taking over the bright and beautiful summer and before I realize it will be winter. We have already started wearing an extra layer of clothing, taken the routine flu shot and are taking the warm clothes out from storage. You might be thinking, how are these related? They are, for just like families all around me are preparing for winter, personally I am preparing myself for his month-long trip. No, I am not going with him. My preparation is somewhat different. My husband is going to India after almost two and a half years. On one hand, I am happy for him because he will see his parents, family and friends and bring back goodies for me from India. On the other hand, I am sad, because I have to live all alone for the next month. This is the first time in my life that I’ll be living alone for one full month…can you believe it?


Like the squirrels who gather food in their holes before the harsh winter comes and a solid layer of ice covers everything, I am preparing myself to survive for that one month. I have ordered enough books to read (happy with my current stash), thought about two out of town trips and planning to write as much as possible for the blog. So, in a way I am like the squirrel.

To some of you it might sound like exaggeration, but if you know me, you’ll know that I need people around me ALL the time. I get energy from people. I don’t feel like cooking for myself when my husband goes for conference. I lazily tuck myself in the futon under a heavy throw and watch mindless TV shows or movies which are either sad (so that I can cry without feeling embarrassed about it) or pure chick flicks.

I got the title inspiration for this post from my friend Bonny. I love the song, but she loves it more. My husband used to hear it in a loop, so I think I’ve heard enough too, but if you are interested, you can listen to it here.

Hope all of you will enjoy the lovely autumn and the festivities it brings.

 PS: All the pictures are taken with my phone, so they might not be the best and have highest resolution.